Growing up female

In the last couple days, I came across two disturbing articles, describing what it’s like to be a female in today’s culture.

The first was about instances of street harassment endured by women. Strangely enough, 100% of the women asked living in my hometown of Indianapolis had experienced harassment, simply for being in public space. Indeed, if I were asked, I’d fall in with those who had experienced it by age 19–though not ever in Indianapolis that I can recall. Just last week, I was working in a small southern Indiana town and got whistles from a passing pick-up truck. Flattering? I can’t say it’s ever made me feel flattered…creeped out is more like it.

The second article was about parents allowing their young daughters to dress like…well, hussies. I don’t know if it is because I’m older and more observant of these things (and now more judgmental of those who are young) or if it is actually so, but it seems that many traditional taboos regarding inappropriate attire for young girls have been thrown out the window. And what a shame that is. Tonight as I drove home from work I passed a young girl playing in front of her house. Sadly, my first thought was “I hope a sexual predator isn’t watching her.” Is this the way it’s always been? Or is this a new phenomena?

So what are your thoughts? Is street harassment a problem or a non-issue? Are parents being irresponsible in how they let their young daughters dress?


One response to “Growing up female

  1. I think it is terrible how some parents allow their children to dress. Like the article states, the kids have to get the money from somewhere to purchase those clothes. I know my parents never would have allowed me to dress in such manner when we were kids. Kids need to be kids and not have to worry about what they look like at such a young age.

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