Song of the Day: A Savior on Capitol Hill

I’d like to take a moment to remind people of faith who may be reading this that God is not a Republican or a Democrat. I think one of the biggest problems in politics today is that people think they’re going to elect someone into office who is going to solve all their problems. Well, folks, that just isn’t going to happen. That person in office is human. They’re going to make some good decisions and they’re going to make some bad decisions. That doesn’t make them “evil.” That makes them human.

Derek Webb said it well in his song A Savior On Capitol Hill:

I have my views. You have yours. If they are different, we should each give the other the benefit of the doubt that we have arrived at those views from a place of thoughtful reflection. I don’t think you’re dumb because you see things differently. I hope you don’t think I am, either.


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