Mother’s Day

According to MothersDayCentral,  Mother’s Day has its origin in ancient times with the celebration of Egyptian, Roman, and Greek goddesses. Fast forward to 17th Century England, when a clerical decree established “Mothering Day” to celebrate actual mothers instead of just the concept of motherhood. In the United States,  “Battle Hymn of the Republic” author, Julia Ward Howe, called for an international Mother’s Day to celebrate peace and motherhood in a 1870 proclamation. Finally, President Woodrow Wilson declared the 2nd Sunday in May Mother’s Day, making it an official day of national observance in 1914.

This year’s Mother’s Day was my first since my mom passed away and I find myself in an interesting position. I’m childless and now motherless. My grandmothers, too, have passed away. So today I honored the memory of my mother by going out to eat at a restaurant she would have loved. With me was another childless friend who was spending her first Mother’s Day away from her mom. It seemed very appropriate.

To you mothers out there, thank you for loving us children. Thank you for teaching, for sacrificing, and for always being there. To those of you who hope to be mothers one day, take time to love yourself. And to those of you who still have mothers here with you, let her know how much you care.


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