Teachers Wanted in Kosovo

Prishtina High School in Kosovo

Have you ever dreamed of going abroad and making a difference in the lives of the local youth?

Perhaps you remember hearing news accounts of the conflict in Kosovo during the late 1990s?

Prishtina High School and Middle School provides an American-style education to Kosovar students to equip them for university life in the United States and other parts of the world. The school is located in Matiqan, a region in the southeastern part of the capital Prishtina, in Kosovo.

Teachers are needed in all subjects from 6th grade through graduation. Teachers must be U.S. citizens and must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in their subject area. For more information, visit Prishtina High School’s website. Classes start August 5, 2011.

Be a teacher in Kosovo.


2 responses to “Teachers Wanted in Kosovo

  1. Sounds interesting to teach abroad. I looked at doing that in France, being an English tutor. I think it would be so much fun. For now it will be just a dream.

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