Song of the Day: Mighty K.C.

In April, 1994, I was a high school student visiting Washington, D.C. for the first time as part of a Close Up program. I have a very vivid memory of sitting in the chartered bus outside our hotel when we learned the news that Kurt Cobain had died.

Today’s song received a lot of airplay in 1995 and I listened to it many times as a college freshman. The song “Mighty K.C.” was about Kurt Cobain. I bought their CD, Example, but all of these years never knew the tragic story of the band I was listening to (surely some DJ must have mentioned it when this song was getting so much air time?).

I discovered as I searched for a clip to share that on September 8, 1995, two of the band’s founding members, vocalist Jack Vigliatura and bassist Bill White were killed, along with their tour manager, Tim Bender, when their bus overturned in Georgia. Example was released less than a month later.

Listen to this song and remember not only the legacy of Kurt Cobain’s music, but also the tragedy of his admirers, who left us a really great album in Example.


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