More of the Monkees

In my continuing tribute to the Monkees, I present a scene from their television show. After all, it is what made me a fan. Davy, Micky, Mike, and Peter were actors chosen to play members of a fictional band, The Monkees, for the NBC television show that first aired in 1966. The show lasted two seasons, but has been rerun now for six decades. And like Pinocchio, they became a “real” band.

When people ask me why I like the Monkees, my usual response is “they make me happy.” And they do. Who couldn’t be charmed by this zany hilarity?

The woman in this picture is Rose Marie. She was one of the many great guest stars to appear on the show. Below is one of my favorite scenes from one of her two appearances. I still use the “I don’t care” line, imitating the lucky actress (Alexandra Hay) that Rose Marie’s character introduces to the guys.


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