So, if you’re a die-hard Monkees fan, you’ve probably seen the feature-length film the group made, co-produced and co-written by none other than Jack Nicholson.

What is Headabout? Well, if you can answer that, you’re better off than the rest of us! I rented this movie on VHS as a kid, because I was such a big fan. I hadn’t watched it since…until last weekend in anticipation of my “Monkees week,” thanks to Netflix. The movie has some great music and some great stand-alone scenes. What the movie doesn’t really have is any sort of plot. It is a stream-of-consciousness, psychedelic, trippy, film, that ends up where it started. Intrigued yet?

If not, consider that Frank Zappa and Teri Garr were both introduced in the film. Annette Funicello briefly plays Davy’s girlfriend (did Frankie know about that?). And Victor Mature is featured as “The Big Victor.” Toni Basil (of “Mickey” fame–coincidence? hmmmm) is a dancer during the “Daddy’s Song” number with Davy. Dennis Hopper is even an uncredited extra. Now are you intrigued?

Teri Garr in "Head"

Check out the movie trailer below:


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