Aviation-Themed Baby Shower


Airplane mobile, used as a shower decoration

I recently hosted an aviation-themed baby shower for a friend about to have her first child. Thanks to google and Pinterest I was able to find some great ideas for the themed shower.

My friend had registered for a beautiful airplane mobile: Authentic Models Flight Mobile with 1920’s Vintage Airplanes. Since I was one of the first to see her registry, I was able to snap that baby up as one of my gifts–and a terrific decoration for the shower.


Cupcake flags from the Paper Clever Etsy shop matched invitations

As you may know, I love etsy and found the perfect invitations to order, as my friend loves yellow. Etsy is great for invitations because many designers will send you the digital file and you can print them yourself. I sent these to the Meijer photo lab, as I found the best deal on 4×6 prints for in-store pick-up there. Paper Clever also offers matching coordinates and I was able to order matching cupcake flags to decorate the treats made by another friend. I found Popsicle sticks at Hobby Lobby and used double-sided tape to secure the flags.


Garland made from paper airplanes and prize gifts assembled from items found at the Dollar Tree

One of our gifts was a paper airplane book: The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes. I had seen the idea of making a garland from paper airplanes, so I tried my hand at a couple of the planes in the book and learned that I’m not a very precise folder, especially when using heavy paperstock! I was pretty pleased with how the garland turned out and am happy to report that it now decorates a wall of a very stylin’ nursery.


Favor boxes from the Dollar Tree, filled with old-fashioned candy snacks

I found other items for prizes and favors at the Dollar Tree, including colorful plant pots, gardening gloves, seeds, favor boxes and candy.

Aviator hat

Crocheted baby aviator hat

I’m a crocheter and I found this cute pattern to make an aviator’s hat for baby.


We played three games. For the first, I had the mom-to-be answer questions about herself. Things like how did you meet your husband, where were you born, what’s your birthday? The guest who answered the most questions correctly won a prize.

Our second game was a candy bar matching game…the winner of that game won a special prize full of featured candy.

The third and final game was inspired by this, only we used tiny baby bottles instead of tiny babies! I felt the need to speak a disclaimer at the start of the game, a warning to be careful of a choking hazard. Fortunately, everyone survived.

A fourth prize was given to a drawing winner among those who had filled out “well-wishes for baby” cards.


I’m challenged when it comes to baking, so I was glad our friend offered to make the cupcakes! I did manage to make a few other goodies, which were great successes!



Rubber duckies, swimming in a pool of punch

So ducks don’t have much to do with aviation, but I thought this was a cute idea anyway. As you can see, you may want to wait to add your rubber ducks (I found these in the bargain bin at Target) until after the foam has subsided a bit! Here’s the recipe:

1/2 gallon (or 1.5 quarts) container Pineapple Sherbet

2 liter Ginger Ale

64 oz. fruit punch (or any variety

Scoop sherbet into punch bowl, then add Ginger Ale and punch.

Italian Beef Sandwiches

The week before the shower I had gone to another party at which my sister-in-law made Italian Beef for sandwiches. It was so yummy I decided to make it for this shower and got a lot of compliments. Here’s the recipe:

4 lbs. beef roast

3-4 pkgs. Good Seasons Italian Dressing (Dry packets; can substitute store-bought brand)

1 jar pepperoncinis (optional)

1 cup water

Hoagie buns

Place roast into slow cooker, season with Italian Dressing seasoning, add water. Cook on low heat for at least 12 hours (I cooked overnight). Shred with fork, serve on hoagie buns.


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