Cooking through my mother’s recipes

Mom's Recipe Box

Mom’s recipe box

There, on a shelf in the pantry, sat a small wooden box filled with index cards, scraps of paper scrawled with neat penmanship, and clippings from magazines, newspapers, and food packaging. It was my mom’s recipe box.

I lost my mom nearly three years ago but had not found the courage to open the wooden box filled with her familiar handwriting. Suddenly it was time. I collected the box and situated myself on the couch. I began to carefully unfold the yellowed pages and sift through the index cards.

Tears. “Shannon’s Cheeseball (Ours).” I never knew she called her signature blue cheese cheese ball “Shannon’s.” But I remember loving it. I posted a picture of the recipe card on facebook with the thought that I might try cooking through her recipes in honor of Mother’s Day. Immediately several friends suggested I blog about the experience.

My Mom

My mom in 2007, on a trip we took together to Prescott, Arizona.

Well, we’ve been busy and I didn’t get started with Mother’s Day, but we celebrated what would have been her 60th birthday this week. So tonight I started with what somehow became her signature dish…

…Stay tuned and check back here for updates on new recipes, I’ll try to keep this post updated with links to each one. You can also find the latest recipe post by clicking on “Mom’s Recipes” in the black box to the left.

  1. Chicken Enchiladas
  2. Fried Green Tomatoes
  3. Stuffed Peppers
  4. Fudgy Brownies
  5. Bottom Round Steak
  6. “Our” Cheeseball
  7. Baked Lasagna

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