Befores and Afters

As I’ve talked about before, we’ve had some home rehabilitation projects going on! I’m happy to say we’re finally far enough along to share some before and after shots with you all.

First, and most exciting, is the exterior transformation made by simply painting the original wood siding. Here is the before:


The previous owner had done a really quality paint job, some time between 10-17 years ago; but all these years later, it was starting to show its age. I was never a fan of the colors (white with shiny black trim–he was a Nascar fan). I also didn’t like that the corner boards were left white to match the body and that the window trim was only painted the contrasting color on the face of the boards (instead of being cut-in along the sides as well).

And here is the after-much-scraping-priming-painting-and-cutting-in:


We kept the body white (“Extra White,” flat, by Valspar at Lowe’s) and changed the trim to brown (“Betsy Ross House Brown,” flat, also by Valspar at Lowe’s). We LOVED the brown. As you can see, we also painted the corner boards and cut in the edges along the sides of the trim. A lot of extra work but makes such a difference!

We currently have the storm windows off for restoration and we will paint them white to match the body color. The window sashes themselves will be black, which we learned is a historically appropriate color for windows, especially when you’re not doing some grand, 5-color paint scheme!

Moving inside to the bathroom, I realized I didn’t really have any good “before” shots of the bathroom (and yes, that’s a t-shirt from the 2013 Monkees Convention that my hubby is wearing):

1-Bath Pic

Here you can see Brian getting ready to tear apart some plumbing so he can lift the claw-foot tub up to replace the floor.


And here you can see the lovely striped wallpaper treatment that was on the top half of the bathroom walls with the coca-cola border. Yes, I am a coke addict, but no, I don’t need to decorate with it! Years ago my friend and I started to rip the border off (not pictured) but realized it wouldn’t come down easily and stopped and it was like that ever since–half ripped apart.

Here is the after:


We rid the bathroom of its wallpaper with a fresh coat of blue paint above the chair rail (ACE Hardware, “Ice Age,” in eggshell finish) and replaced the poorly cut floor with new vinyl peel-and-stick squares from Lowe’s. My dream for this room had always been octagonal tiles but this treatment was more realistic for the time and budget we had to get the house ready for listing and is way better than what was previously there.

Earlier I posted about my work in the kitchen:


The wallpaper in here screamed “1990’s!,” especially with its bird house border. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it was also in bad shape, peeling at many of the seams.

Here is the after!:


We love the paint color chosen for this room (Valspar “Crafted White,” satin finish) and used the same vinyl tiles as in the bathroom.

Sadly, for me, there is now a “for sale” sign in the front yard. I’m going to miss this place but hope that it brings much happiness to the next owner.


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