Pre-trip Euphoria

Hit the Rails

Do you ever feel you might like planning that next “big trip” more than actually taking it? We’re about to embark on our next adventure, after months of scouring guidebooks, tripadvisor, and national park websites. We’ve visited REI. At least three times. We’ve spent a small fortune on gear that we hope produces a great ROI. We’ve made plans with friends. We’ve booked two trains, two flights, one bus, a rental car, seven hotels, and three camp sites. We’ve exhausted our frequent flyer and hotel points. I’ve secured a spot for my dog and cat at the local kennel (they get to go on vacation, too)! We’ve emptied memory cards and charged up our kindles and batteries. We’ve made a packing list and checked it twice. Our bedroom is strewn clothing, camping and hiking gear, and many other items we somehow have to fit into our two backpacks. We love it. And I’ve a feeling we will be exhausted when we return.


3 responses to “Pre-trip Euphoria

  1. There is a great poem called “Saturday Night in the Village” that explores this idea of the anticipation of something being more fulfilling than the experience. I think it’s partly true. But knowing of at least a few things you will be doing on your trip, I can assure you it will live up the expectation…and then blow it out of the water!!! Have a GREAT time and safe travels!!!

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