Remember the Time

Today when I got on-line I was quickly reminded that it has been five years since the passing of Michael Jackson. For me, the day Jackson died is forever tied to sweet memories of my mom. The beginning of the last memories I have of my mom.

I was driving home from work when I heard on the radio that Jackson had had a heart attack. My mom was visiting me from Arizona. It was her last visit, as she was planning to move to live with me later in the summer. One of the things on our agenda for her visit was finding her a local oncologist. She had been told her cancer was terminal.

When I got home my mom was glued to the TV. “Have you heard?” she asked, her brow furrowed with worry. Somehow she managed to break away and prepare us dinner–pork chops, I believe. As we sat at the table the news from the television in the other room reached our ears–Michael Jackson had been pronounced dead. And somehow I knew then that I would remember that moment.

This news really devastated my mom. She loved MJ. She spent the next days of her visit watching the live news coverage. Later that year, after she had moved to live with me, we went to see “This Is It” at the theater. It was the last movie I saw at the theater with my mom.

Sweet memories.


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