Mayhem? Absolutely.

Mayhem Cover

Today I’m excited to do something a little different and introduce you to a new children’s book that is sure to delight those special young ones in your life. My dear friend, fellow Monkees fan, blogger extraordinaire at Are You Finished Yet?, and now children’s author(!!), Kelly Suellentrop, has written and illustrated a wonderful little story that is now available for purchase by clicking here.

Absolute Mayhem is the tale of obedient siblings Lulu and Milo (and their spotted-eye pup, Hippo), who follow the rules all week long but let their imaginations run wild on the weekend. The illustrations, which progress from whimsical black-and-white scenes to a jungle-inspired burst of color when mayhem ensues, are full of fun-to-spot details. And the book has monkeys! Coincidence? I think not.

You can see Lulu and Milo come to life for yourself:

The rhyming meter makes for great out-loud reading; kids will love the imaginative escape to Mayhem while the subtle message of moderation will resonate with parents and caregivers. I plan on purchasing several copies for the children in my life this Christmas and look forward to future offerings from Kelly. I encourage you to buy a copy, too, and then spread the “mayhem” word!


Book Description

Lulu and Milo do their chores and follow the rules all week long. But what happens when Absolute Mayhem comes to play on the weekend? This rhyming read-a-loud children’s book celebrates the fantasy and fun of imagination with vivid illustrations, while also subtly encouraging the need for order and balance. Children will love the adventurous mayhem Lulu and Milo find themselves in. And parents will appreciate the reminder of all things in moderation.

Author Bio

Kelly Suellentrop is an author and an illustrator, which are the two exact things she always wanted to be when she grew up. But she also would not mind being a professional roller coaster rider, a tour guide at Graceland, or the drummer in a band…if only she knew how to play the drums. Though she lists among her talents a knack for redecorating rooms which are already sufficiently decorated and being exceptionally good at “Saved By The Bell” trivia , she will admit that writing is probably one of her strongest suits. She started a blog in 2011 called “Are You Finished Yet?,” which has been named a WordPress Family Recommended Blog. She has also been featured elsewhere on the internet, including the Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, BlogHer, and in an e-guide sponsored by the website, Parent-Tested Parent-Approved.

Kelly lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and their two children…who may or may not bear a resemblance to her characters, Lulu and Milo. Visit her at

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